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Acupuncture 2 u - Dumfries

Incorporating Facial Enhance® Acupuncture - Dumfries

Hair Restoration Treatment

New to 2020 this exciting and natural treatment uses knowledge drawn from other treatments offered at Acupuncture2u.

Hair loss and alopecia at any age can have a major effect on confidence, self esteem and our general well being. 

As someone who can relate to this, having a receding hairline since my mid 20's, I researched solutions, only to come up with costly transplants and implants and looked into a more natural approach using established treatments of acupuncture and microneedling. Also introduced to stmulate blood flow is use of Ultrasound therapy, which is used prior to the microneedling. 

Using a dermal pen, with single use cartridges to needle the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles and the collagen fibres that have become flattened. This also causes stem cell induction. Hyaloronic Acid serum is used as both a couplant and to nourish the follicle. 

Acupuncture needles are inserted into areas of the body (feet, ankles, ears) which help regulate hormones which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Caffeine shampoos and tonics are encouraged between treatments. 

It's an intensive course, with initial treatments recommended every 2 weeks, to once a month after 2 months. 6 months should see a significant improvement in both hair production and thickness. Top ups every 2-3 months then recommended to maintain the benefits gained.

Picture on left is pre-treatment, whilst on the right is at 6 months


Pricing is competitive at £750 (in comparison to implant/transplants which start at £3500) for the intense 6 month treatment course. A Free consultation is offered to assess for suitability. Top ups every 2-3 months recommended at £50 per session.

To book, select Hair Restoration Consultation from the menu in online booking by clicking on the button below, or for more information please either contact me via email or mobile.

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